Pigging Out: The Art of the Bacon Party

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Pigging Out: The Art of the Bacon Party


So you’ve decided to throw a bacon-themed party — congratulations. You are now well on your way to being the most popular person in your inner circle. Everybody loves bacon without exception. Even vegetarians will admit that bacon is totally delicious, and that the mere smell of it makes them yearn for their days as a carnivore.

More than just a food, bacon has also woven itself into the cultural fabric. If Andy Warhol had spent his time screen printing food instead of celebrities, bacon would have been his Marilyn Monroe. Ultimately, that’s what makes a bacon-themed party such an excellent idea. There is a near infinite amount of products to help you guarantee your spot among the bacon-themed gods. Here are just a few ideas to get your brain cooking.

The Invitations

An invitation to a bacon-themed soiree is all about enticement and setting the right tone. Is this a more casual celebration of bacon or is it a black tie affair? Will you simply be honoring bacon’s status as the king of meats, or will you honor its versatility with a multi-course tasting menu? Use your invitation to let people know what to expect and what to bring. Make sure to choose the right image that captures the true essence of bacon. Want to guarantee that everyone RSVPs “yes”? Send your invitation in these bacon-scented envelopes. You even get a little taste of bacon every time you lick one.

The Food

Choosing the food for a bacon-themed party is complicated. Obviously, you’ll be serving bacon, but editing your selections down to a manageable menu can take time. You really can’t go wrong with a BLT bar. Offer your guests all of the fixings, in addition to an assortment of different bacon cuts. Or have a bacon tasting party with several different varieties of bacon. Try a theme of different smoked bacons and serve hickory, applewood, maplewood or mesquite. Or try a sweet and spicy offering with varieties like jalapeno and cajun vs. apple cinnamon and vanilla bourbon. You can buy all these varieties here.

bacon bar

And don’t forget about bacon’s most trustworthy side-kick: beer. Rogue makes a maple bacon stout if you want to drink bacon, but if you’re looking for just the right beer pairing, go with a light lager or a Kolsch. These won’t overpower the salty-and-sweet flavor of your bacon and will help accentuate the smokiness.

The Attire

Most likely, your bacon-themed party will be a casual affair but you can still have some fun with the dress code. Note in your invitation that there will be an award given for best bacon-themed T-shirt. Baconfreak.com has some truly excellent options. Our favorite? The one that reads, “Bacon is Meat Candy.” Let your guests vote at the end of the night and give a Bacon Cookbook to the winner, or better yet, let them take home all the leftover bacon. As the host, you might want to step up your fashion game with a bacon suit or bacon dress.

The Entertainment

Bacon and beer are their own entertainment, really, but you still might want to offer your guests some activities to keep them occupied before they descend into a food coma. For the truly clever, hold a “Six degrees of Kevin Bacon” tournament. Shout out an actor’s name and then your guests can bid on the the number of movies they need to link that actor to Kevin Bacon. The person who can do it in the least number of moves wins. Of course, you should make this a true multimedia experience by playing all of Kevin Bacon’s classic films in the background.

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