Pasta Affumicata

March 23, 2010 8:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

BT reader James sent us a photo and little variation he wanted to share from a recipe he got out of the Bacon Freak Bacon Cookbook. James says:

“I planned on making the Pasta Affumicata recipe to the letter and serving it with a small side salad. Unfortunately, when I went to the grab the chicken to make the meal, I realized there was none in the refrigerator. Not wanting to go to the store I grabbed some gourmet sausage someone gave me as a gift. OMG the dish turned out even better than I expected! The combination of the bacon & sausage made the flavor really pop!”

Have you found a recipe you like in the Bacon Cookbook that you’ve modified to suit your own taste & style? Let us know and we’ll feature you here on Bacon Today.

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