Panda Express Orange Chicken with Bacon Review

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Panda Express Orange Chicken with Bacon Review

Does bacon make Chinese food better? Do I even have to ask? Of course it does! I’ll admit that I was skeptical when I first heard about the latest chain restaurant to jump on the bacon bandwagon. Bacon? In Chinese food? Hey, it works like a dream! It might not be traditional, but it’s definitely tasty.

panda-express-orange-chicken-with-bacon2 panda-express-orange-chicken-with-bacon

I was expecting tiny bacon bits and minimal bacon flavor, and got the reverse. The Orange Chicken with Bacon contains big pieces of applewood-smoked bacon. As the Panda Express employee dished it up, I resisted the urge to ask for “more bacon.” Our ratio of bacon:chicken leaned towards more chicken, but there was still plenty of sweet bacon to satisfy this bacon fan. If you’ve ever made candied bacon, this had the same texture and flavor, only not as sweet.


The Orange Chicken itself had good flavor: mild on the spice level and heavy on the orange sweetness. Slightly tangy and peppery, the chicken itself had a hint of smoky flavor. The bacon was chewy vs. crispy, but that’s to be expected when it’s covered in a thick, sugary sauce. The breading on the chicken also managed to stay fairly crisp. Overall, I enjoyed it and would definitely order this again.

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