Mo’s Bacon Bar – A Las Vegas Treat

Featured in this month’s AAA Westways magazine is Vosges Haut-Chocolat, a boutique chocolate lounge at the Forum Shops at Ceasers Palace in Las Vegas, NV. While we’ve reported on chocolate covered bacon before here at Bacon Today, we had to tell you about this delicious treat after AAA magazine called Mo’s Bacon Bar “a chocolate … Read more

A Better Bacon Song (with profanity)

After yesterday’s song post, we wandered over to the bacon capital of the interwebs and found this gem. Enjoy with headphones if you’re at work. httpv://

The Bacon Song

The song needs some work, but has good potential to become the official tune of Bacon Today. httpv://

The Best Bacon Ever

Nueske’s Bacon – The best bacon you’ll ever have in your life? You be the judge.

Bacon Prices Rising Sharply

graph with upward trend and money symbol

Breaking News: June 30, 2008 Recent floods in the midwest have led to the loss of many crops. This loss means a tremendous shortage of feed for farm animals and by that, less bacon for folks like us. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, bacon prices are already up 7 percent this year. Sometimes … Read more

People Helping People Get Bacon

A friendly person in a local restroom was tired of people questioning whether this sign was too good to be true. Yes folks, it’s as good as it seems…an automatic bacon dispenser!

Bacon Salt — Nature Tried, Justin and Dave Made it Happen

“Bacon Salt is a zero calorie, vegetarian, Kosher certified seasoning salt that makes everything taste like real bacon.” That’s right folks – now EVERYTHING can taste like bacon. Imagine the pure bliss you’ll experience when chomping on some bacon salted corn on the cob, maybe a little bacon bread, or *GASP* maybe even bacon flavored … Read more

Bacon Flavored Yogurt

Bacon. Yogurt. Two distinct tastes merged together by an inventive father & son. According to them — a great tasting snack we should all try! httpv://

Sandwich Dilemma

Time and time again people have stopped me on the street to ask “Mr. B, what do you order BLT or Club?” If I had dime for every occasion well let’s just say I could buy a lot of bacon. So I figure it was time to settle this once and for all. Headed down … Read more