Our Longtime Love Affair Of Bacon And Chocolate Catches Fox News’ Attention

Fox News reporter Elena Ferretti just released a fascinating feature on a new, recently coined term “Chocomize,” which has been getting more and more usage throughout the “foodie” community lately.

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The term refers to the increasingly popular trend we have been seeing over the past five years or so, where people are more and more enamored with the newly epic proportions of eclectic epicurean artistry, creating cool and crazy culinary combinations of chocolate … along with all sorts of unusually odd or unpredictable pairings of other food items and flavors along with the chocolate, engineering some rather freshly formidable and quite fashionably flavorful “Customized Chocolates.”

In here feature about “Chocomizing” our delectably decadent dessert delights, she aligns this newly popular trend with the choosing of various options available on “automobiles” that one can consider, from a plethora of possibilities offered by car manufacturers, in order to get you to purchase the veritable car of your dreams.

Only this is chocolate, so the possibilities increase with exponential leaps and bounds, as everything from premium quality gourmet bacon to ground coffee, from chipotle peppers to mango and from basil to lavender.

Besides the gourmet version of chocolates more sensuous, erotic epicurean natures, there are those who prefer to simply slum it and mix their kicks up with every possible “pre-fab,” mass produced candy out there, from “Pop-Rocks and Gummy Worms and from Skittles and that Halloween Candy Corn, that very likely was manufactured sometime back in the late 1940’s and is simply stored in giant ware houses until Halloween finally rolls around for another 2 to 3 weeks of distribution and then back in the vats.

I think it’s awesome that what was once “our little secret” between a few hundred thousand Bacon Freaks world wide, is now getting the attention of millions, if not more, served by the Fox News network.

“We’ve come a long way Piggies!”

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