OC Fair Has Chocolate Covered Bacon – Maybe

July 25, 2009 12:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts

We first talked about chocolate covered bacon last June, and we’ve seen more about it in other articles since then. I thought that it was kind of a novelty thing that existed in rare spaces. Then I went to the OC Fair, and look what I saw…


At one magical booth they sell both Churros AND chocolate covered bacon!

Or so they advertise.

Sadly, upon closer inspection, there was no chocolate covered bacon on display, and no happy vendor behind the counter to sell some of it to me.

I can only imagine that upon running out of chocolate covered bacon the seriously embarassed vendor tucked tail and ran for her life to find more bacon.

I’ll be back at the Fair next Thursday to see Huey Lewis (and the News!) at the Pacific Amphitheater, so you can bet I’ll have another walk by that booth to see if they have restocked by then.

— Mike

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