OC Fair Has Chocolate Covered Bacon – But Not For Me

August 4, 2009 12:01 am Published by 1 Comment

So I tried one more time to get some chocolate covered bacon from the OC Fair. This time it was Thursday night and I was there to see if Huey Lewis’s Heart of Rock and Roll was still beating, and to get some chocolate covered bacon.

Sadly, the booth was once again unattended.

I happeend to hear another group talking about the stuff as they walked by, so I asked tehm what they knew about it. According to one guy, the bacon is $5.50, but he hadn’t actually had it.

I’m sorry to have missed it, but something tells me that people will still like bacon next summer, so it’s likely to return. I also hold out hope that some of you will find chocolate covered bacon at your country and state fairs and let us know about it. I just wasn’t that lucky.

Baconless, we went to see Huey Lewis. Somehow we managed to remain hip enough to be square.

— Mike

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