North Carolina Shaped Bacon

September 5, 2008 12:52 am Published by Leave your thoughts

There are times when life imitates art in such a fashion that one has to take a step back and marvel at the amazing parallel. At other times this same scenario can so utterly mind-boggling that you realize the characters which grow to love are all based on someone out there, walking the streets today.

Case in point this brainchild who is selling a single piece of bacon on eBay. Now at the heart of the matter selling bacon anywhere is a noble calling, but this instance it’s simply time to call the sanitarium.

North Carolina Shaped Bacon

For whoever decided this was the shot at their 15 minutes, I dub thee a real life Cliff Claven. Congratulations for being a true village idiot.

This attempt to showcase a piece of bacon as a replica of North Carolina is the equivalent to Claven trying to convince the gang at Cheers a home-grown potato is “the splitting image of Richard Nixon.” Charging a minimum of $49.99 to bid on this undeniable piece of pork is outright laughable, which after further review I hope is the sole purpose of this listing.

On the bright side I do commend you on a response to a prospective buyer.

“Thank you! Spread the word of bacony love!”



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