No-Pudge Brownies

October 15, 2008 12:01 am Published by 3 Comments

Okay, so this isn’t directly related to bacon, but those of you who read our post about bacon brownies may remember a brief mention of No-Pudge Brownie Mix. If you’re health conscious or just a bit worried about your waistline you might want to try making your bacon brownies with these low-fat alternative brownies. They’re available in cappuccino and mint flavor.

Plus, there’s a cute pig on the box, so they’re sort of related to bacon. They’re like bacon’s estranged cousin.

— Mike

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  • andy abraham says:

    Your brownies seem interesting.. .Bacon Brownies???… What a cool idea for brownies… I am a member of a social networks site… and we recieved a post on Brownies and wanted to hear you opinions of it …I stumpled upon your post…and thought you would be a good sounding board.. we have a bake sale coming up…and want it to turn out good for our daughter… please advise…thanks

  • mirdreams says:

    You realize this is the only item on the site tagged with “low fat”. ‘Course it’s actually refreshing in this world of Hungry Girls to read something that’s unabashed and not looking for the low fat alternative.

    • Roeszt says:

      Hey I believe you are… meal piannlng! Yah! So I’ve heard some crazy stories lately I need to blog about and was wondering if I could quote you on this: “I sometimes wonder why we moms cannot all just get along? Why are we recreating Junior High with each other? To that end, I’ve made it my personal mission to give mothers with temper tantrum throwing toddlers a BIG smile and a empathetic, ” Hang in there. We’ve all been there!” Instead of looking down at them and smirking because my children are currently behaving like angels and nibbling on an organic mini rice cake.” Its probably my favorite thing to read of all time and I would love to share it, let me know if thats ok!

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