No-Pudge Brownies Taste Test

January 6, 2009 12:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts

When we made bacon brownies we briefly considered using No-Pudge Brownie Mix in order to cut back on the overall fat content of our gluttonous treats. The sugary, gooey, caramely turtle brownies won out, though, and we never got to taste the no-pudge variety.

Enter our friend Alexsis, who decided to get crazy in her kitchen a few days ago. She brought a few plates of goodies by the house for us to try and wouldn’t you know – there was a plate of no-pudge brownies in the mix.

It turns out that the No-Pudge brownies are really very good. I almost couldn’t tell the difference between them and the plate of regular brownies that she also made. Next time I’m making bacon brownies, I’ll probably give the low-fat No-Pudge type a shot.

— Mike

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