New Litehouse Bacon Dressings

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New Litehouse Bacon Dressings

Litehouse has three new dressings to fuel bacon lovers’ cravings. Litehouse Bacon Blue Cheese, Avocado Ranch with Bacon and Bacon Vinaigrette will add some “sizzle” not just to salads, but to your recipes as well. These versatile dressings all contain REAL bacon bits and can be used in many ways to add bacon flavor to your dishes. We taste-tested all of these new dressings and were impressed with the fact that they contain real bacon.


Avocado Ranch with Bacon

Bursting with real bacon flavor, Avocado Ranch with Bacon can be used on a salad, on a BLT, or as the perfect dip for vegetables, chips or french fries. Add it to tacos, baked potatoes or anywhere you would use Ranch dressing. Got a Ranch Chicken Bake recipe in your repertoire? Try it with this dressing! Employee-owner, Katie, a true bacon lover herself, crafted the dressing to be the perfect combination of ranch dressing with a hint of avocado and the mouthwatering flavor of bacon.

Bacon Vinaigrette

Crafted for bacon aficionados looking for all of the flavor of bacon in a dressing, but without all the calories. With just 35 calories and zero grams of fat per serving, Bacon Vinaigrette offers a sweet and tart taste coupled with notes of real bacon and onions. Served hot or cold, this dressing is spectacular tossed with cooked spinach, roasted with red potatoes and garlic, warmed with a German potato salad or served traditionally on a bed of greens. This tangy dressing doesn’t taste “lite” and is the ideal option for those looking to cut calories without sacrificing flavor.

Bacon Blue Cheese

This dressing combines real bacon with Litehouse’s award-winning blue cheese recipe. Bacon Blue Cheese is perfect as a dip for wings, a spread on burgers, or as a dressing on a wedge salad or cobb salad. Hands down this was our favorite of the bunch! If you love blue cheese, you will love this dressing.

These bacontastic dressings can be found in the refrigerated section of the supermarket. Check them out and let us know in the comments section how you will use them! Here’s what we were inspired to create: Bacon Blue Cheese Chicken Bake.

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