New Cholesterol Study Good News for Bacon & Eggs Fans

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New Cholesterol Study Good News for Bacon & Eggs Fans

New Cholesterol Study Good News for Bacon & Eggs Fans

A new set of guidelines is giving breakfast fans the green light on having bacon, eggs and coffee for breakfast.

According to new federal nutritional guidelines for the American public, what you eat doesn’t have as much of an impact on cholesterol levels as experts had previously thought. Evidence brought forward by a new study now suggests that your diet has a fairly minimal role in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. The key factors to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels are maintaining a healthy weight and exercising.

The study in question makes the argument that your diet only accounts for 20% of your cholesterol levels. So, while foods like bacon and eggs are high in cholesterol, the effects on cholesterol levels aren’t nearly as bad as what we’ve been led to believe. Fats and cholesterol have been vilified by doctors, despite a lack of research to back their claims. Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Dr. Steven Nissen believes that the experts drafting the 2015 Dietary Guidelines should consider going further, reversing the guidelines’ long-standing designation of saturated fat as a “nutrient of concern for overconsumption.”

This is good news for fans of bacon and other high-cholesterol foods as the study is expected to be adopted by the panel that will update the government’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans later this year. Add that 2nd cup of coffee to your breakfast while you’re at it; the advisory panel is also giving coffee consumption a thumbs-up, stating that several servings of coffee per day reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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