Need a minister for your bacon wedding? Adam Poch is your man!

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Adam Poch, star of Big Brother 13 and bacon’s #1 fan, was the first to start the bacon wedding trend. It all began with his proposal to Fara Herzfield at the New York food festival, Pig Island. Adam and Tara are such bacon fans that a bacon-themed wedding seemed like the next, inevitable step. “There were the requisite pigs in a blanket–a must for the pork-lovers! And guests dined on bacon-wrapped filet, chicken breast and veal chop. Bowls of bacon crumbles sat on the tables ‘for anyone who wants extra bacon,’ says Herzfeld, who planned a surprise for the groom: a bacon-themed groom’s cake.”

And so when the opportunity to officiate at a bacon wedding at the 2014 Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest, Poch couldn’t refuse. Decked out in his bacon officiant’s robe, Poch married two couples. Tom and Tricia Watson married in a more traditional ceremony, but filled their reception with as much bacon as possible including chocolate-covered bacon croissant-doughnuts, the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon pizza, and a tiered wedding cake with bacon cupcakes. An impromptu wedding took place later that day, complete with an awesome bouquet of tasty bacon roses.

So bring on the bacon weddings… and if you need a bacon minister, Poch is your man!


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