My Birthday Wish – Chocolate Covered Bacon B-Day Cake Shaped Like Bacon!

September 21, 2010 5:00 am Published by 3 Comments


Special thanks and a belated ‘Happy Birthday Bro” to Jeremy Ghent, who was so kind as to share some of his birthday bash “baked bacontries” with us here at Bacon Today!

You see, much like you and I, Mr. Ghent is a dedicated Bacon Freak who also loves the seductive sweetness of some creamy, delicious chocolate as well.

So when it came time for Jeremy’s Birthday celebration, his very cool friends did exactly what cool friends would do … they baked him a homemade Birthday Cake that our friend Jeremy describes to us as “an awesome chocolate covered bacon birthday cake … shaped like bacon!”

Oh … and by the way, he wanted to make sure that we pass it on to all of you fellow “Baconistas” that “It was great!” and he was even so kind as to send along some photos with the Birthday message.

In closing, Jeremy adds that “I still can’t believe my friends made it for me. I’m going to be telling stories about it for the rest of my life!”

Hey Jeremy, with those amazing photos, I think a LOT of people are going to be talking about the “Bakin’ of your Bacon Cake” for quite some time and sharing the pics with one another for possibly an eternity.

Alright Bro, hoping your Birthday was absolutely everything that you dreamed it would be and even more Sir!

Thanks for sharing this with all of your Bacon Today “brethren and sistren” my friend!

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