Move Over AXE There’s A New Spray In Town

January 29, 2011 5:00 am Published by 1 Comment

You don’t have to watch much TV to have seen an AXE body spray commercial.  Just in case you have not seen an one I’ll let you know what they are like.  A boy sprays on some Axe and within seconds beautiful women are all over him.  Whether this works or not I have no idea because I don’t use this product.  It did however, inspire a Bacon Today reader to ask us this question.

Do you know of a fragrance that smells like bacon? For those gals still looking for a man this could hurry them to a happier side of life.  And for others I’m sure it just may be ticket to a happier sex life!

Paul we have found a great product for you, for all the gals out there, and anyone that loves Bacon.  Say Hello to Bacon Fragrance Spray!  This Bacon Spray can make a great gift for any occasion.  It is sure to be serious fun at this year’s Superbowl party.  And yes I’m sure it can lead to a happier sex life.  Think about it, who can say No to Bacon?  When I wake up on a Saturday Morning and the house smells like Bacon I’m only thinking about getting me some of that Meat Candy.  College sports, coffee, cartoons, facebook, or whatever, they all take a back seat to Bacon.  If your partner loves bacon, all you have to do is spray that sweet smell and let the good times roll.  For the science and bacon community  I had to try this fragrance spray, and yes my wife couldn’t keep her hands off of me.  I can say with confidence, “Move over Axe because there’s a new Spray in town.”

You can pick up some Bacon Spray for yourself, a friend, or lover right here!

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