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Junior Redwood is a country musician who released his first album “Broken Cowboy” in January 2010.  The album consists of songs revisiting a year spent in hardship after a heartbreaking divorce from his wife Louanne and the loss of custody of his son Junior Redwood Jr.

While Junior fancies himself some kind of country cowboy idealist, he is unaware of the consensus that perceives him as a run-of-the-mill drunken redneck.   Junior’s songs on “Broken Cowboy” detail the troubles he has had in numerous aspects of life.

Junior wrote the song “Mmm Bacon” right after the album was released as a tribute to the meat he loves more than all other meats.  “The Coor’s Light of meat” as he would say.  Junior decided to write this song because felt it was time for him to stop his distain towards the woman he once loved, curtail his drinking, and start writing music everyone can appreciate and understand.  A masterpiece was born.

Growing up on a farm, Junior spent a lot of time slopping the pigs that would eventually be sacrificed to improve almost every meal he eats.  If you will notice in the video, there are two jars of bacon grease still cooling on the stove in the background.  Junior never records anything without eating a copious amount of bacon before-hand.  He claims the grease loosens up his vocal chords.

Junior Redwood, for spreading the love of bacon in song…we here at Bacon Today salute you.

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Mmm Bacon Lyrics

You’re good in the morning
You’re good at night
You’re good off a fork
Or cut up with a knife

You’re good on pizza
And you’re good plain
The way you smell sometimes
Drives me insane

Mmm Bacon
I love you and need you in my life
Mmm Bacon
You make me feel alright

Some call you fat
But to me you’re lean
Just one pound of you girl
Is the best thing I’ve ever seen

You’re good with a pancake
You’re good with an egg
I need you now
Don’t make me beg

You’re in my heart
And you clog my veins
Someday you’ll cause me
Some sweet chest pains

We may die young
But we’ll die free
And if I die from you
I’ll know you died for me

Mmm Bacon
I won’t think twice
You are my life


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