Meet Lucca: War Dog. Marine Hero. Bacon Fan.

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Meet Lucca: War Dog. Marine Hero. Bacon Fan.

We love to hear from our four-legged bacon fans, but Lucca the War Dog’s story is quite extraordinary and we wanted to share it with our bacon fans. We first heard about Lucca through our Facebook page. Lucca is one of the biggest bacon fans out there, and not only that, she is a hero as well. Lucca is a veteran of the Marine Corps and served in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Specialized Search Dog. You can read all about her extraordinary service and her life in “Top Dog: the Story of Marine Hero Lucca” by Maria Goodavage. Lucca’s owner gave us the inside scoop on Lucca’s service and her love for bacon.

“Lucca joined the Marine Corps in April 2006. She and my husband were paired together as a military working dog team. She subsequently served 2 tours in Iraq with him and one to Afghanistan with Cpl. Rodriguez. In her time in service she led over 400 patrols and no other Marine or Soldier was ever injured on any patrol she led, including the one where she was injured. She’s credited with over 40 finds of weapons, explosives, IEDs, and insurgents.

On March 23, 2012 she was out searching with Cpl Rodriguez in the Helmand province. She located one IED, and on her way back to Rod, a secondary device was detonated. Her injury was sustained to her front left paw. Rodriguez utilized his first-aid training and saved her life with his quick reactions. She received the same med-evac procedure any other soldier would receive. She was medically evacuated to Kandahar where they stabilized her and decided that amputation was her best option. The army vets performed her surgery and she was walking within 10 days. She also sustained burns to her chest and torso, but no further eye or ear damage or shrapnel occurred and she’s still the same old Lucca she’s always been.

Once she recovered from her injury she was retired from the Marine Corps. Lucca loves to spend her retirement days lounging about, taking walks at the park, frolicking at the beach, and just being a dog. To her I give my biggest thanks, as she brought my husband home alive and hope that she knows it was a job well done. In her retirement, she has developed a love for bacon and pancakes! She loves when our kids drop pancakes on the floor or don’t eat all of theirs, because she knows she’s getting the leftovers.”

To read more about Lucca, check out her Facebook page and be sure to read the biography of her amazing life! Click these links to purchase some bacon jerky pet treats or a bacon bandana for your top dog.



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