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Back when I was single guy, I quickly caught on to a significant truth that I swore would never leave my mind until I effectively righted a wrong that had too long gone unchallenged.

You see, everywhere around me were books, radio programs, television shows, magazines, classes, clubs, etc., all dutifully dedicated to helping women learn how to get into the hearts and minds of men by the indirect path that passes right through a guy’s stomach.

The truth was knowingly asserted from every rooftop, even my mom and grandmother both knew and understood the fact that a properly prepared meal, pleasantly presented with proven, precision, propriety was, in fact, the secret key to unlocking the previously impenetrable iron gates to subconscious appreciation, respect and admiration.

Yes, a mere, memory making meal is all it takes to quickly awaken the senses and instantly set ablaze the uninhibited fires of desire, uncontrollable passion and inextinguishable sensuality.

One problem for us guys. All this powerful information was intentionally and specifically packaged to be shared only with the gals. Only the women were granted access to the magical menu of manipulative “mouthwatering” mysticism.

I knew in my heart that life would only be fair and balanced once someone like me, who truly grasped the inherent meaning of a meal, was able to share this epicurean enlightenment with all other men here on Planet Earth.

While collecting, categorizing and clarifying these valuable tidbits of knowledge from throughout the four corners of the world, I suddenly met a man who had been to the top of the mountain and had returned a full-fledged Master!

His name is Dan Corrieri and he was already so effectively accomplishing what I had set out to do, that rather than waste valuable time and effort duplicating his work, re-creating the proverbial wheel, I knew at once that we should instead form an alliance where my gourmet country style bacon could effectively grease the wheels of progress spinning rapidly over at Dan’s renowned

If you are guy or you know a guy who is looking to learn how to quickly and easily master the methodology of awakening the taste-buds and senses of your lady friends by cooking up some culinary seductions of your very own, then you simply have to go check out Dan’s website.

It’s a literal library of everything you wanted to know about touching a woman’s heart, mind, body and soul through the tried and true principals of memory making meal management.

First off, I’ve got to tell you, this website and the information that is conveyed by way of written content, pictures, videos, and easy “step-by-simple-step” instructions is presented in such a sincerely respectful, clearly caring and profoundly professional manner, with emphasis on conscientious appreciation and unadulterated honor towards women. This is not sleazy slimy porn.

It’s definitely not exploitive in any way at all, but rather a heart-felt, respectful attempt to teach men to give women the same deliciously delightful, wonderfully appetizing sensual, emotional and gastronomical pleasure that the gals have been thankfully providing us lucky guys with for ages.

Now its our chance to return the “favor of flavor” and urn to pay the ladies back for all the exceptional epicurean and elegantly eclectic and erotic experiences, expertise and enthusiasm that they have selflessly provided us guys with over the years. Dan teaches men to do just that, with absolute class, complete sensitivity and unquestioned style.

For further information, you really owe it to yourself and that special lady in your life to go to Tell Dan that Rocco “The Bacon Freak” sent you and you’ll most definitely get the special treatment you deserve!

Signing Off and Pigging Out,

Rocco “Boss Hog” Loosbrock

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