Maplewood Smoked Bacon – Horseradish Dip

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During the upcoming summer month celebrations, you’re going to want to continue to come up with some truly unique, original and unpredictably unusual taste treats to amaze and impress your guests.

This is a delightfully delicious dish that is so quick, simple and inexpensive to lay out for unexpected guests or hungry visitors who have come by to party or watch the big game, fight, concert or a cool movie.

It’s the perfect “pork power” protein combined with a veritable “Garden Of Eden” of your favorite fresh vegetables, so absolutely everyone is “hoppin’ happy” and in a veritable stated of absolute “hog heaven.”


(Serves 8)


An ample supply of your favorite fresh cut veggies (carrots, celery, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas, baby corn, zucchini, etc.)


12 slices of Maple Smoked Country Style Bacon.

16 oz. cream cheese set out to attain room temperature.

1 cup of “half and half”

2 tbsp minced chives.

2 tbsp horseradish

1 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice.

1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper: to taste.




Cook bacon at least till it is ‘moderately crispy” if not fully crispy – your choice!

Remove excess bacon grease after bacon is cooked by patting it down between two layers of a couple of paper towels, stacked on a plate.

Combine the room temperature cream cheese and the “half and half” in a large metal mixing bowl.

Mix vigorously, until the mixture is fully incorporated and smooth.

Now add the chives, horseradish, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce.

Mix well.

Carefully “hand crumble” the bacon into small bits into the mixing bowl and continue to stir until it all mixes together completely and smoothly.


Now season to taste with the salt and pepper to taste.

Cover and refrigerate for 2 to 3 hrs before serving.

Serve with your cut, fresh veggies and a nice punch bowl full of Fruit Sangria.


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