Maple Bacon Morning Coffee Solves Early Morning Decisions… Deliciously!

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We’ve all been there before, usually on a daily basis. The alarm clock goes off or the rooster begins to crow and you need to instantly decide what comes first, Bacon, Coffee or a hurried visit to the Bathroom.

The fine folks over at Boca Java have been so kind to help make that decision process all that much easier by artisan blending a truly amazing gourmet coffee that brings you the alluring aroma’s that we all adore, as well as a perfectly, harmonically balanced and delightfully delicious presentation of our two favored flavors, premium gourmet coffee and top notch, country style bacon.

As if that’s not enough, they were kind enough to aesthetically infuse what might very well have already been achieve perfection, with the additional gentle waft and tongue teasing touch of Maple.

This exquisitely elemental addition, masterfully conjures up the most vibrantly authentic memories of sitting down to a full bacon and pancake breakfast, served up with real, authentic maple syrup and a pot of glorious, premium gourmet coffee that is most definitely worth writing home about.

Sadly, amidst the world wide “Baco-Mania” craze that is taking the world by storm, so many underhanded and nefarious companies are simply trying to take advantage, by suddenly jumping on the “Bacon Bandwagon” and throwing together a barn load of bogus and “bargain bin” bacon booty that is as terrible tasting as it is tacky, obnoxiously overdone and clearly under thought.

Thankfully, this is most certainly is NOT the case with the percolating perfectionists over at Boca Java. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Boca Java’s Maple Bacon Morning Coffee is the fact that it’s so exquisitely balanced, with sophisticatedly subtle essences of only the very finest, natural flavors, carefully connoisseur crafted into a prized virtuoso blend, creating a sincerely satisfying sensation of true “Hog Heaven Happiness!”

While it is the perfect “wake me up and get me going” gourmet coffee, there is no clear advantage to limiting your enjoyment of this bodacious brew to just morning time. The aroma is pleasingly authoritative and the flavor is so superbly savory and sublimely superior, it’s actually hard to express the event of experiencing it mere words, because language is incapable of fully conveying just how spot on splendid this coffee truly is.

Bacon, Coffee & subtly, semi-sweet maple magnificence, what more does one need?

Maple Bacon Morning Coffee


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