Maple Bacon Coffee – Wake Up And Smell The Maple!

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Do you love gourmet, country style Bacon? Do you love premium roast gourmet Coffee? Do you love the semi-sweet, sensuously succulent flavor of Maple? Then something tells me that you are going to absolutely love Boss Hog’s Maple Bacon Coffee

According to the man himself, official “Big Barnyard Brain-stormer and Boss Hog over at Bacon Freak, “This coffee was originally designed to recreate those marvelously magical moments of our youth, when it was actually a pleasure to wake up in the morning to the wondrous wafting wiles of fresh gourmet coffee, freshly dressed country style bacon and hot pancakes, waffles or biscuits, dripping deliciously and decadently with mmmmmmm … maple syrup.”

“So naturally we originally thought of this as basically a Morning Coffee” Boss Hog explains, “but what has really taken us by surprise and totally blown our mind is the fact that people are telling us that this is the coffee that they are choosing, not just to start off their day with a smile and a skip in their step, but also what they enjoy for a delightful little “pick-me-up” in the middle of the afternoon, as well as their after dinner coffee and relaxing “night-cap” before bedtime.”

No wonder … after all, what we are talking about here is a genuinely genius, premium blend of three of the all-time greatest “favorite flavorites” found anywhere on planet Earth! Top notch, fresh gourmet coffee, award winning, country style bacon and that amazing essence of maple that’s not to sweet, not too subtle, but simply … PERFECT!

I actually had a thermos of this amazing coffee on my desk while writing this article, and every time I opened the thermos up to pour myself yet another draught of this delightfully dessert-like drink delicacy, people would instantly walk over, sniffing around like trained hunting hounds, trying to figure out what secret, sumptuous, sweet and sultry sustenance was sent to the office with me as a tongue teasing taste treat and rightful reward for being just so darned awesome.

So what was their response? Surprised and then demanding of a taste (what can I tell you, we’re all like “one big happy family” round here!) which meant less of this heavenly elixir for myself … but at least I live to write another day! Be sure to check this stuff out for yourself, I promise you that you’ll be as utterly amazed as the rest of the ba-contente Baconquistadors and Baconettes round here!

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