Make bacon-wrapped turkey for a festive holiday meal

November 3, 2010 5:00 am Published by 4 Comments

Now that it’s really starting to feel like fall, thoughts can turn to holiday meals and family gatherings. And hey, what says happy holidays more than giant roasts swaddled in bacon?

We wouldn’t know. At Bacon Today, that’s why we’re happy to present a cool idea that combines the best in Thanksgiving turkey traditions with your favorite gateway meat: Bacon!

Let’s start here: Check out this link to a great technique for keeping lean turkey moist and succulent while boosting the overall flavor of the dish with bacony goodness. Then think about how you can inject some pork-fueled joy into your family’s awkward holiday gatherings.

We like this idea partly because it addresses the quandary facing millions of Americans every year when they look a huge turkey in the eye—make that the breast—and begin fretting over how to prepare the thing. An issue that vexes home cooks is every year is how to roast the bird and ensure it’s cooked through without drying it into oblivion. Let’s face it—even glorious bacon can be horrible when it’s dry and overcooked. It happens with a fully intact turkey when the bird sits in a roasting pan in the breast-side-up position. That lean breast meat is quick to cook (and dry out) while the dark cuts take their time to roast to the right temperature.

A simple solution for turkey that’s gaining considerable traction is to have your butcher section a whole turkey into parts for you. Yeah, we realize true butchers are disappearing as quickly as turkeys the week before Thanksgiving, but you can still find a professional in most cities or small towns. (Hint: If you don’t have a dedicated butcher shop nearby, ask for the butcher or meat manager at an upscale grocery or specialty food shop. The people there can sell you a whole turkey, cut the way you want, or just the breasts, trimmed and ready for their bacon wrap.)

That takes us back to our favorite new turkey preparation. Give it a shot this year. Enjoy the new flavor you’ll get with the bacon as well as the roasted pears and the cider-spiked gravy. We think it has great potential for all kinds of other birds, too. But this year, we suggest trying it on that massive Thanksgiving turkey. If you’re nervous about the results, roast a trial batch in advance with a few turkey parts or maybe a chicken. But most of all, don’t forget the bacon!

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