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I am always approached with all things bacon, and I received a call from a company that produces fresh chocolates with unique flavor combinations using high quality, all natural ingredients. I will be honest that didn’t get my attention until she said, “It is our goal to bring cutting edge flavors and technologies to the chocolate industry, and deliver them to you as soon as they’re made.” And I said, “Yeah so?” and she said, well we have several new limited edition products including bacon covered chocolate.” Now she had my attention and I immediately ordered a box!

This company is called Luca Chocolate which is based in North Carolina. In speaking with them I learned that their chef and owner studied nutrition in college and went to the French Culinary Institute to study Classic Pastry Arts. The idea of LUCA Chocolate began officially in December 2006. What started off as a simple idea in the home kitchen and a lot of experimentation with many pounds of sugar, pints of cream and tablespoons of butter created a now successful business!

At this point I am sure each of you want to know what does chocolate taste like when paired with bacon? It’s pretty darn good. It’s sweet, and salty, and a little smoky and really something you might just need to try.

They offer several options including: Bacon Caramels: 4 of our signature caramels, topped with a crisp piece of bacon and covered in your choice of milk or dark chocolate and a sprinkle of sea salt. The box includes 8 pieces of chocolate covered bacon, 4 bacon caramels, and 2 bourbon and black pepper truffles. There’s also a big box (that’s one whole pound) with double the amount of chocolatey-bacon goodness.

The owner of Luca Chocolate said that she would rather have one amazing piece of chocolate than a whole box full of something mediocre. With my candies, I hope I can re-create that for someone else. I’m trying to find that balance between unique flavor combinations and classic ones. I don’t want them to be overpoweringly rich, but I’d like to find that a person savors each piece, instead of eating them quickly.

Well Bacon Freaks, if you like bacon like I do, this is a must try treat! Let me know how you enjoyed the bacon chocolate.

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Signing Off and Pigging Out,

Rocco “Boss Hog” Loosbrock

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  • Patty says:

    OMG! Chocolate and bacon together is pure heaven! I have not tried this brand, but I will for sure. I get the chocolate bacon bars from Vosges as often as my budget will allow. last time I got the combination of chocolate, caramel and bacon and it was delicious.

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