Low Carb Foods: Bacon

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Low Carb Foods: Bacon

Whether you are avoiding carbs to lose weight or for other health reasons like celiac disease or gluten sensitivity or intolerance, the low-carb diet is definitely gaining popularity. Trying to adjust to a low-carb diet can be very difficult, especially if you’re been eating a lot of high-carb foods like cookies, bread, pastries, etc. This is where bacon enters the picture. As a low-carb food, bacon provides both a delicious and healthy option for those who are weary of trying to find something that they can actually enjoy eating to replace the carbs.

In addition to its amazing taste, bacon is an outstanding source of protein, which helps to stabilize energy levels by prohibiting the fluctuations in blood sugar readings that occur through overindulgence in carbohydrate-laden foods. So instead of feeling like you need a nap after eating bacon, you will feel satisfied and have plenty of energy in reserve. More importantly, its blood sugar regulating qualities may help to prevent or alleviate the symptoms of diabetes.

Because it is a high-protein food, bacon helps to raise the body’s metabolism, burn fat, and lose weight. The protein in bacon also promotes healthy muscular development, which further helps to stabilize blood sugar readings when consumed in coordination with a sensible, daily exercise regimen. You also can count on bacon to deliver generous amounts of vitamins and minerals essential to good health, including: Thiamin, Niacin, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, and Vitamins B-12, B-6, and B-2. Make bacon an integral part of your low-carb diet.

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