Liquid Bacon

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If you’re over 21, drinking is fun. (And if you’re under 21, it’s illegal in the United States, which some would argue makes it more fun, but Bacon Today neither endorses nor condones the drinking of alcohol by our underage readers.)


You’ll all be happy to hear about this new concoction that was dreamed up by one of our readers. Alex C. wrote in to bacontoday[at]gmail[dot]com with this tasty tease…

“I made a ridiculous discovery the other day, a cocktail that tastes like bacon! It’s a shot of tequila, juice of a lime, and 4 shots of coconut milk.”

I predict that one of the following statements is true:

A) The combination of of tequila, lime juice and coconut milk tastes exactly like bacon and should be enjoyed whenever and wherever you get your drink on;

B) Said combination doesn’t really taste like bacon, and Alex was already a little tipsy when he “discovered” this taste combination;

C) Not only does said combination not taste like bacon, but Alex was actually hammered when he tried it out, and in truth the combo is so disgusting that nobody in their right mind would ever want to drink this shot.


It’s my responsibility to Bacon Today and to the Bacon Nation as a whole to test this theory out. I have a bottle of tequila downstairs, but I’m currently out of limes and I don’t happen to have any coconut milk laying around. Thus, my own trial of this shot will have to wait a day or three until I can get to the local grocery store and buy some coconut milk. 

In the interim, I offer you this challenge – try it for yourself and leave a comment here to let us know what you think. Does the Alex C. creation, which I have preemptively named “Liquid Bacon” stand up to its name? Be sure to let us know what kind of tequila/brand of coconut milk you use.

— Mike

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