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There once was a sandwich with mayo

and lettuce and bright red tomato.

Though tasty and fine

it was missing some swine,

with bacon it made me say, “Hey-O!”

        by Sarah Reines, Dan Reines, Cindy Kirsch, Mike Kirsch and Karmin Wilson



Bacon, bacon what a treat

Bacon, bacon it’s so neat.

I like it with eggs and toast

But on a sandwich I like it most.

Bacon, bacon what a treat.

        by Sarah Reines



O I love bacon

Crispy is the best way to

Prepare it o yeah.

        by Sarah Reines

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  • baconator says:

    A trailer, which we clearly see shakin’,
    inside which there’s something they’re makin’
    love, it could be
    but we hope, you see
    what they’re makin inside there is bacon!

    While healthy is the breast of a chicken
    and a good burger may be finger licking
    I just crave bacon
    all others forsaken
    it’s the king of all meats that I’m picking.

    The red and white lines
    salty, yet hints of sweetness
    my love is bacon.

    oh cured and smoked pork
    streaky and so delicious
    it’s awesome defined

    all the others fail
    compared to taste you impart
    bacon is true love.

  • Baiku:

    Bacon is divine.
    Crispy. Crunchy. Salty. Good.
    The best use of swine.

    Bake it or fry it,
    but you cannot deny it
    meat candy is best.

    Thanksbacon is done.
    BaconToday still reports …
    Spreading Smaste(tm) all ’round.

  • Oh man, these comments are great today! Thanks so much for bringing more haikus and limericks to the bacon table.

    And Lars – your last haiku is AWESOME! Special extra credit points for working “Bacon Today” into a haiku. Well played.

  • Corey James says:

    I had to join in the fun today…

    There once was a dish called turducken
    Was good but more meat should be stuck in
    We scooped up some bacon
    And soon we were makin’
    The new meal called turbaconducken

  • Matt says:

    I once was a man foresaken,
    the doctor had said “No more bacon!”
    I thought “That don’t rock.”
    So I got a new doc,
    can you tell by that smell what I’m makin’?

  • Matt says:

    But soft, what smell though yonder window wafts?
    It is the east and Bacon is the sun.
    Arise fair sun and kill the envious tofu,
    who is already sick and pale with grief
    that thou, her maid, art far more delicious then she.

  • Mom says:

    I never claimed to be a writer although do I get credit for being the parent of one?
    So, I’m offering one more for the road….

    I’m happy my family’s creative
    Though at eating bacon we were not native
    As years went by
    we tasted bacon and oh my
    about bacon we’ve become communicative.

  • Tom says:

    Pierpont Montague Bacon the III
    An earl with a name quite absurd
    He lived in South Pork he ate pig
    with a fork and when he died he was

  • David Johnston says:

    There once was a horny Kentuck’an

    who slept with a tubaconducken

    He said, “What bad luck”

    when his wiener got stuck

    “Now not one of my shirts can I tuck in”

  • David Johnston says:

    That’s supposed to be “turbaconducken”, of course…sorry for the typo!

  • sparky says:

    Eating bacon and you’re feeling wilty?
    Fear not ever, McNilty.
    Buy the 3# package of fat,
    Then trim to lean’s where it’s at,
    And your id will never feel guilty.

    David Johnston did better, I admit.
    Never ever call him “schlameil”.
    For his rhyme appears prime
    Better than mine, I really feel
    And by now, his weiner’s probably fit.


  • Marke says:

    I wrote this to my daughter…
    “Roses are Red
    Birthday poems are hard

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