Lay’s® BLT Flavored Potato Chips

April 23, 2012 2:00 am Published by 2 Comments

Bacon, lettuce, and tomato. BAM! Slap them between two slices of bread, add a little mayo in there… maybe some Sriracha…

However you like it, the BLT has its own following of loyal fans. Some would say that it has recruited die-hard fanatics. These fanatics will do anything for a BLT. If you need a job done, bribe someone with a BLT sandwich- made just the way they like it. We guarantee you’ll have the trash taken out in no time.

We understand that the BLT is incomparable to other sandwiches. Therefore, the brilliant minds at Frito Lay’s® have created the BLT Flavored Potato Chip! And now you’re thinking, “What’s that you say? A potato chip that embodies the perfection of a BLT sandwich? Say no more. I must have these chips in my lap right now! I drive an automatic! Gimme, gimme!”

This is when we say in our loudest, authoritative voice, “Settle down, BLT fanatic! We don’t need your greasy hands gripping the steering wheel while we’re on the road! But please, don’t hesitate to get these tempting crunchy potato- devils and eat them at home!”

If you’re asking for only a bacon flavored chip, and you don’t want your chips muddled up with any sissy vegetables or fruit, then you’ll just have to make your own… But if you love the flavor of a BLT, check out the Sun-Dried Tomato flavored bacon or the BLT flavored Bacon Jerky. Oh yeah, that’s some good stuff.


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