Lady Gaga: A Vision in Meat

September 14, 2010 5:00 am Published by 8 Comments


2 words I never thought would go together: MEAT and DRESS.

But then you add these 2 words and it all makes sense: LADY and GAGA.

Need I say more? Okay, maybe a little bit more.

This past weekend at the VMAs pop singer, Lady Gaga, wore a dress entirely made out of raw meat. Also constructed out of of raw meat were her purse, wedge shoes and head slab… I mean “hat.”

According to New York Daily News  the dress was made by Franc Fernandez. Instantly, I was in mutual awe and dismay of her attire. Maybe I’ve been watching too many episodes of Project Runway and have Michael Kors in my head, but I feel like this dress is just… blah.

While I applaud the unconventional fabric choice, I feel like it’s a one note outfit. The monochromatic look of the uncooked meat is boring head to toe. My suggestion for jazzing it up? How about adding bacon as boning on the bodice? It would have broken up the “meat-o-chromatic” look. It could have also been used as jewelry, mayhaps even a belt. And why not use our little round friend, Canadian Bacon, for the hat slab? I feel like if Project Runway judge, Michael Kors, were looking at this he’d quip: “It looks like she met Hannibal Lector for a dinner date and he got bored half way through.” Yes?

Either way, (meat) hats off to Lady Gaga for pushing the envelope. And PS – Watch out Mood Fabrics, Whole Foods is knocking at your door!

For more pics of Lady Gaga in her meat dress, check out Franc’s blog.

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  • Tbone says:

    Hmmm. How about a meat dress challenge for Project Runway? Forget I said that.

    Here’s another Michael Kors possibility: “The loin on that dress is INSANE!”

  • I would have liked to have seen a bacon broach. Why not stud the bodice with lardons? Maybe pancetta could be used for ruffles as a nod to femininity? And surely there was room in the meat locker that this had to have been transported in for some pork belly? For on the dress? No, for a comforting snack! Anyway, my vision would have been more Oscar de la Bacon than the number we saw at the VMAs.

    I’m intrigued how they got her into this so quickly. Somebody had to have been on hand to sew this number onto her at the last minute. I mean, you don’t put a zipper in meat. Hooks and eyes? I don’t think so!

    One more thing – oxtail heels! I think I’m going to tear up at the thought of it.

  • Brad White says:

    There is a lot of hugging at Hollywood parties – I wonder how that was affected by the meat dress. I also wonder what it felt like when she sat down – I’m guessing “squishy” which is not a word most people want to use when describing sitting down. I’m also wondering if Lady Gaga would like to come to my next tailgate party.

  • I’m wondering if her seat was covered in butcher’s paper, too.

  • She had Cher hold her meat purse. Seriously, I hope she had hand sanitizer in that thing.

  • I think everybody should terminate whiny virtually lady gaga´s meat groom and vantage molestation near starving…

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