LA Weekly Blogs About Their Picks Of Over The Top Ten Bacon Items!

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Years and years of living in SoCal means thousands and thousands of moments spent looking through the LA Weekly, whether you are holding the paper in your hand or reading it online.

Over the years the LA Weekly has become quite the bloggers and more and more people from all around the country and even all across the globe are now checking into the LA Weekly Blogs on a regular basis.

So obviously it caught my attention when they decided to list their “Over The Top Ten” bacon items that they felt compelled to share with the rest of the world.

Here’s the list that they came up with:

#10: Bacon Jam 

#9: Bacon Hot Sauce

#8: Bacon Maple Lattes

#7: Tomato-Flavored Bacon Jerky

#6: Bacon-Flavored Water

#5:  Bacon-Flavored Coffee Syrup

#4: Bacon-Flavored Lip Balm

#3: Bacon Lollipops

#2: Bacon Gumballs

#1: Tac Bac (Tactical Canned Bacon)

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