Keep Things Simple and Make Dad Happy: Bacon Gift Packages For the Win!

May 18, 2011 5:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts


You know The Big Day is right around the corner. That’s right, fellow baconistas—Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19. So get ready!

Here’s a game plan: Dad probably likes meat. That means he probably likes bacon. Yes. Bacon. And since variety and volume are the primary spice of life, consider how much Dad would love to wake up on Father’s Day and open a mixed basket or sampler pack of bacon, bacon-themed foods, and even bacon-inspired clothing!

But why, you may ask, does Dad want something like bacon? Chances are good old Dad has been a fan of bacon since he was a kid. Unless he’s a vegetarian or a victim of a pork allergy (yes, such a thing exists), bacon is full of that kind of magic potion that any dude who likes cured meats will love. We think it’s equal parts salty, smoky and fatty goodness. That’s part of the mystery inside bacon…the merging of great flavors and deep, savory qualities are just part of the mystery.

Then again, maybe Dad isn’t that complex. Maybe Dad just wants a mess of simmered bacon piled up next to a stack of delicious pancakeswith a ready supply of syrup and fruit. It might be that simple and fun. Either way we know he doesn’t want ties, crafts or tickets to a fancy cat show.

So let’s face it: Who wouldn’t want to make breakfast with Dad on Father’s Day of all days? Who doesn’t want to see his face light up with the joy of beautiful bacon? We know we do!

So check it out. Father’s Day only comes once every year. Fortunately, the magic of sweet, sweet bacon is there every day for you. That’s why it’s special. Bacon is what every dude wants, on his birthday, on football Sundays, and especially on Father’s Day. Don’t forget…it’s June 19!

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