Japan Burger King’s 1,050 Strip Bacon Burger

May 14, 2012 3:07 am Published by 1 Comment

In case you didn’t know- Burger King is not only a U.S. fast food mogul. Burger King, like many other fast food giants, spreads its glutinous speedy wings into other parts of the globe. Not really a surprise though. To be honest, our American eating ways are a little coveted. Well, duh! We believe in overindulging in delicious things. Like bacon, for example. And Japan’s Burger King decided to make quite the American statement.

The word on the street is that for a limited time, Burger King would put an extra serving of 15 slices of bacon on your burger for 110 Yen. (That’s $1.24 for us Americans.)

This Japanese fellow really wanted to make a statement. We don’t know if he was making a bet with someone or trying to get a hot date out of his endeavor, but he certainly got more than he bargained for. This guy asked for 70 extra servings of bacon (that’s 1,050 slices) on his burger. Check out the video. He definitely had to hit the bathroom after a few bites. Guess he didn’t get that hot date.

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1 Comment

  • Rancid Monke says:

    From what I have read elsewhere the guy was a journalist, so not only did he get the 1050 slices of bacon on a burger but he probably got to expense the meal and got paid for whatever the article was that he wrote.

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