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Man has been keeping track of time for as long as- well, we actually don’t know when man started keeping track of time, because before that there was no time, so there was no way to keep track, right? But suffice to say it’s been a long time.

Timepieces are life-saving devices, but they can also be works of art, and they can influence or affect everything we do. Big Ben, a giant clock, is a famous English landmark and lets everyone in the whole country know when to eat tea; timepieces can have as few moving parts as a sundial (none) or as many as an atomic clock (more than none).

But not until now have we been able to tell time by looking at bacon. Those dark ages are over, and if you don’t believe me, just check out the Bacon Clock on iTunes!

The bacon clock can be yours for a mere $0.99- in California, you’d have to work 7.5 minutes at minimum wage to earn that much money. Well worth the investment! Instead of LED bars, the numerals are illuminated with enticing strips of crisp bacon that morph and roll over as the numbers advance. Each ticking second is another instant of precious life gone, but who can fixate on your mortality when you’re watching bacon?

The gimmick behind the app isn’t enough to sell it. What sells it are the flourishes: the fried eggs that separate the hours from the minutes. The toast that tells you the date. The way the bacon strips peel back, fold over, and hide and reveal themselves as the numbers tick up. The multiple different backgrounds, including a stack of pancakes. Military as well as AM/PM time, in case you’re in the army and need to know what time to go to the mess hall and chow down on your rasher of bacon. The iPad version. Watching the bacon slip and slide into the different numerals, like a tastier version of “24,” starring Jack Bauer as the short order cook. Order up!

The care and loving of this app, as well as its stylistic and practical attributes, make this well worth the purchase price. I give this app a rave review: 4 rashers up, way up!

The old saying says even a stopped clock is right twice a day and, funny enough, that’s how frequently I like to eat bacon.

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