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Never fear, fellow bacon freaks. Whether you’re traveling out of town or just looking around home for new tasty treats, look no further than InterestMIX for the best local places for bacon, other good foods, places to go, and much, much more!
In a nutshell, InterestMIX is the new one-stop destination web site for local recommendations. Sure, there are countless sites out there for reviews and opinions, but most of them work by just gathering the same old anonymous snapshots of what people love or hate about a restaurant, bar or other hot spot.
InterestMIX is different. It’s for people on the go—film fans, food lovers, wine drinkers and music buffs of all stripes. It’s a virtual gathering space where people choose what they like themselves. The mission of InterestMix is to make recommendations more democratic. And hey, what could be more democratic than finding the best bacon joints in town? We know you’d like that!
InterestMIX offers customized recommendations that are tailored to your personal tastes. We here at Bacon Today believe it’s a great addition to the online review community. In fact we just found a new restaurant to get a great BLT—with a side of extra bacon, of course.
But what does InterestMIX do that’s really so different? Here’s how it works: The site analyzes user ratings, what their friends like and they experts they choose. That formula generates recommendations that are much more practical and reliable than anything else online.
As an extra bonus, InterestMIX also allows users to rate and review practically any category, including books, music, movies, restaurants, things to do around town, and more. (And yes, the best local places for bacon are on that list!)
All you have to do to get going is click on the links below. Everything is free and ready for your reading and reviewing pleasure. Here are a few ways you can get started:
interestMIX: one stop review and rating site

Restaurant reviews on interestMIX

Los Angeles restaurants, nightlife, culture, activities”

New York restaurants, nightlife, culture, activities”

Chicago restaurants, nightlife, culture, activities”

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