In-N-Out Has No Bacon

Those of you living east of the Rockies may not know about the glory that is In-N-Out. Let it suffice to say that by trucking in fresh ingredients every day they are able to have the freshest tomatoes, the crispiest lettuce, the spongiest buns and the friendliest employees of any fast food chain.They have been gracing west-coast residents with their deliciousness since 1948. In my opinion they are the best fast food chain with the best tasting burgers in the world. Yes, the world. (Easy now, Tommy’s fans… I’ll hear your pathetic arguments in sidebar later.) But in all their burger wisdom they still do not have bacon on their menu.

How can this be? It is a paradox, for sure. Best burgers! No bacon?!

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I was reading the post about ordering off the menu at fast food restaurants over at the 1000 Awesome Things blog and was thrilled to see that they had included In-N-Out’s “secret menu”. As I sat salivating over that blog the no-bacon realization came over me all at once.

Could it be? Is it true? No bacon at In-N-Out? Sadly, yes.

“But the burgers are so delicious. What ever can I do?” you plead.

“There, there, now. No need to fret, friend. I have an idea,” I offer in sympathy as you rub your baconless belly.

Bring your own bacon. It’s just that easy. The next time I go to In-N-Out, I’m going to be prepared. I will cook up some bacon in the morning. Nice and crispy, just the way I love it. I’ll put said bacon strips into a ziploc bag and bring them with me to the drive-through window. I’ll order a cheeseburger Animal Style, as any true In-N-Out lover does. And then… I will add bacon. Oh yes, I will.

I can smell/taste (smaste?) it now. The toasted bun, the “special” sauce, the grilled onions, the crisp lettuce, the tangy pickles, (no tomatoes for me) and at long last, the bacon.

The bacon.

Oh, the bacon.

Pictures and smaste rating to follow.

Anticipation to build wildly.

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