In-N-Out Has No Bacon

September 2, 2008 3:00 pm Published by 23 Comments

Those of you living east of the Rockies may not know about the glory that is In-N-Out. Let it suffice to say that by trucking in fresh ingredients every day they are able to have the freshest tomatoes, the crispiest lettuce, the spongiest buns and the friendliest employees of any fast food chain.They have been gracing west-coast residents with their deliciousness since 1948. In my opinion they are the best fast food chain with the best tasting burgers in the world. Yes, the world. (Easy now, Tommy’s fans… I’ll hear your pathetic arguments in sidebar later.) But in all their burger wisdom they still do not have bacon on their menu.

How can this be? It is a paradox, for sure. Best burgers! No bacon?!

I was reading the post about ordering off the menu at fast food restaurants over at the 1000 Awesome Things blog and was thrilled to see that they had included In-N-Out’s “secret menu”. As I sat salivating over that blog the no-bacon realization came over me all at once.

Could it be? Is it true? No bacon at In-N-Out? Sadly, yes.

“But the burgers are so delicious. What ever can I do?” you plead.

“There, there, now. No need to fret, friend. I have an idea,” I offer in sympathy as you rub your baconless belly.

Bring your own bacon. It’s just that easy. The next time I go to In-N-Out, I’m going to be prepared. I will cook up some bacon in the morning. Nice and crispy, just the way I love it. I’ll put said bacon strips into a ziploc bag and bring them with me to the drive-through window. I’ll order a cheeseburger Animal Style, as any true In-N-Out lover does. And then… I will add bacon. Oh yes, I will.

I can smell/taste (smaste?) it now. The toasted bun, the “special” sauce, the grilled onions, the crisp lettuce, the tangy pickles, (no tomatoes for me) and at long last, the bacon.

The bacon.

Oh, the bacon.

Pictures and smaste rating to follow.

Anticipation to build wildly.

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  • Marcus says:

    I am a devoted lover of bacon and IN-N-OUT, however I believe that bacon would ruin the perfect formula that IN-N-OUT has obtained.

  • Andrew says:

    I have it on good authority that the only competition to IN-N-OUT is a chain called “Five Guys Burgers And Fries.” In fact, maybe Five Guys is better? Although I’ve never had either so what do I know.

    • frosty says:

      In n out just came here to texas and ive tried them and really didnt enjoy it much, five guys showed up before and there just so much better, they offer bacon, the frys are just much better and they give you more then u can eat lol. but honesty i was raised here and in my eyes whataburger is the best

    • nick says:

      5 guys is terrible. no comparison.

  • Alex says:

    I’ve been to 5 Guys, and it’s amazing. From people who’ve had both, they’ve said the two are pretty much equivalent. One thing 5 Guys does have though, is bacon, and it’s tasty as it always is.

    • LaxGooner says:

      Five Guys?! Not even close. Here’s my breakdown

      Five guys is like smash burger or fat burger, and even with the condiments it’s still taste bland. I had them when they were only on the east coast before the burger war went viral between the two chains. Their ingredients are ok, and yes they have bacon, but it just doesn’t cut it. I had it three times in a week to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I have had it out here in Cali and it still just doesn’t cut it, I was even excited when they showed up here.

      In N Out still beats it because of the simplicity, fresh ingredients, and the no longer secret menu. There’s a reason why every In N Out is packed during peak hours and I’m talking solid packed, 20 people deep. In addition to that you can do your fries animal style, shakes are real ice cream, and the service is impeccable, they keep the place running clean and efficient. Remind you this a fast food joint.

    • Rob says:

      I worked at five guys…

      they cook the bacon first thing in the morning and it sits all day

      thats why its rock hard. not good.

  • Eric says:

    I have only been to In-N-Out 2 or 3 times before while traveling through California. I live in DC and Five Guys was founded around here. The plain burgers, straight up, are about even. However, Five Guys allows customization, with dozens of toppings and sauces. Five Guys also has better fries, and free p-nuts. This makes Five Guys better; the bacon option is the icing on the cake (or should I say ‘the bacon on the burger’?)

  • Danny says:

    Not to be that guy, but 5 guys was founded in Columbia, SC. Not DC. Just sayin. And they do have bacon. Killer delicious bacon.

  • Sam says:

    Dick’s is a local fast food chain native to the Seattle area, and it’s waaay better than In-N-Out (the normal cheeseburgers are about the same; but Dick’s fries are incomparably great, and the specials are awesome). Not really bacon related, but delicious hamburger (and flagrant regionalism) related.

  • Rick says:

    There is no better burger than In-N-Out.Enough said.

  • Billy says:

    We should start a petition drive for them to add bacon.

  • Katie says:

    I agree. Where do we sign said petition? ;]

  • Dan says:

    In and Out burger rocks.

    5 guys rock too…

    Dicks is awesome as well….

    Bottom line is we have no In and Out or Dicks in NY but we do have 5 guys, and they will cook you a burger how ever you want it. I do go for bacon but that on its own isn’t enough to make me say its better. What does push me over the edge is the free peanuts.

    Gotta love the fresh roasted nuts.

  • Richard says:

    There’s a burger place in Colorado springs that is an in-N-out ripoff, and for some reason they even copied the no bacon thing. Don’t understand it at all 🙁 The worst part is that they do HAVE bacon on site – they serve breakfast, but they refuse to serve it at lunch.

  • James says:

    I moved from Texas to Arizona for college and went to In-N-Out for the first time. I ask for bacon and they said they don’t have it. I started laughing and thought they were joking. No bacon at a burger joint? Bacon is my favorite part. That was the last time I went to In-N-Out. No bacon no money.

  • michael says:

    No bacon, no purchase. U friggin try to sell burgers in America with no Bacon!!? A box of rocks has more common sense. Steak N Shake is where its at! Loser wanna be’s, anyone who tries to pass off any substitute is robbing u blind. Get a clue.

  • CV says:

    In-n-out doesn’t compare to 5guys. Limited options and foods limits their appeal to. Seriously, why would I spend my money when Im not offered what I crave. 5guys has BACON, jalapenos, hot dogs and a plethora of options while being much delicious

    • Steve the Burger Guy says:

      You’re correct In-n-Out does not compare to Five Guys. For the price of one burger, fries and soda at FG you can feed four people at INO. With a marginal difference in taste–very marginal.

  • Lisa says:

    OMG…All You People are Crazy!!! In-n-Out is a SoCal thing…born and raised!!! Why mess with perfection?!? The burgers are the best..whether you get a cheeseburger, a Double Double or a 4×4 (secret menu) it’s all Awesome!! I prefer my Double Double Plain (meat cheese bun) but my husband goes Animal Style..and the fries…some people don’t like em cuz THEY’RE FRESH!! Never Frozen!! Maybe it’s a West Coast Thing or maybe a SoCal thing…but the lines don’t lie…Packed Everyday!

  • David says:

    What reason could a burger place possibly have for not offering a bacon burger? …ridiculous…I only went there once when they first showed up in our area. I asked for a burger with bacon and started looking around for Ashton Kutcher when they said they didn’t have bacon. Then I asked, “So you are out right now?” She just simply said again that they don’t have bacon. ????? It just wasn’t registering in my brain that a burger place doesn’t offer bacon. I finally just ordered a burger to get out of the awkward situation and catch up with my coworker who was finding a table. The burger was very plain, very bland, and had no bacon. That was my first and last time to visit an In Bacon Out.

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