In Case of Emergency – Turkey Bacon?

March 22, 2010 10:28 am Published by 9 Comments

I was visiting my mom recently, opened the refrigerator, and saw a pack of turkey bacon. I was hungry, but could I really eat the stuff knowing that according to Bacon Today readers Turkey Bacon is not real bacon?

I pondered for a moment there with the fridge door open and then made my decision. I would eat the meat, but only under the strict understanding that it was not bacon in its true form. If I knew that I wasn’t eating a lesser-quality bacon then maybe I could stomach the stuff.

BT reader Chefbaconbits made a good argument in a previous comment listing 4 key reasons NOT to eat turkey bacon:

#1: Turkeys don’t have the deliciousness that pork does
#2: Turkeys don’t have fat bellies needed to make bacon
#3: Turkey bacon is mostly thigh meat that is smoked, chopped, processed, dyed, formed, pressed and sliced into strips that resemble traditional pork bacon. (note the use of the word resemble)
#4: Turkey bacon has a texture and taste of Beggin’ Strips.

What are your thoughts on turkey bacon? Is it even remotely worthy of having the word “bacon” on its packaging?

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  • Black Ice says:

    I must say im saying TB in a whole new light! From now on, its only 4 seasoning other food! Damn Doppelganger!

  • At least it’s not that “Facon” vegetarian TVP bacon substitute crap. I think as long as you recognize it for what it is, and if it’s the only thing available.

    Bear Grylls should do a show on how to handle a bacon-less emergency.

  • Paul Parkinson says:

    I am in Dubai and Kuwait this week. You can’t get bacon here, full stop. Believe me, turkey bacon IS a good substitute when you can’t eat dead pig.

    Chicken sausages? Not so gud akshully…



  • Our stance is that it must come from a pig of some sort to truly be bacon. Wild boar bacon? Yes! Beef bacon or lamb bacon? Probably tasty, but sorry, it’s not truly bacon. Turkey bacon? Now we’re not even talking about a mammal anymore.

    If we had our way, the word “bacon” would only be allowed when it comes from a pig or boar; otherwise, to be fair and clear, it should be spelled differently, like “bakon” (much like how fake crab is often spelled “krab”).

  • Josh says:

    How does “BT reader Chefbaconbits” know what beggin strips taste like?

  • alfie McCaffrey says:

    whatthe F… is turkey bacon,surely an insult to man kind and a profit center to production assholes

  • Matt says:

    WTF…..thats fakin bacon!!!

  • George says:

    I ask the same question as Josh. How the hell does chefbaconbits know how beggin strips taste like? That’s a dog’s treat. Some people have too much time on their hands and not much of a life. Seriously, ministry of bacon?

  • Keri says:

    My mother switched us over to turkey bacon a couple of decades ago when she was trying to lose weight. Being highly adverse to anything even resembling fat, and liking my bacon extra crispy, I immediately liked it.

    When I got older, I found that real bacon gave me heartburn. The final death-blow, though, was my conversion to Judaism. So now it’s only turkey bacon in our house. (And turkey pepperoni and turkey sausage and turkey hot dogs and turkey kielbasa.)

    And I would disagree with the Beggin’ Strips comment. While I have never eaten one, I have handled them, and they are thick and chewy and tough. Turkey bacon cooks up thin and crisp.

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