In a Word: Chocobacon

January 29, 2010 12:01 am Published by 3 Comments

To an American, there’s little else more exotic than Europeans. They live far away across a big pool of water. They speak in interesting accents that make them sound educated and worldly wise. And quite often, they do it all with pictures.

Americans tend to be very wordy. We like to describe everything in great detail so that everyone knows exactly what’s going on and nobody can get sued. One trip to Ikea changes all of that, though. Their instruction manuals are designed for any person speaking any language. By simply showing us the cartoony exploits of an often frustrated man with rounded corners and a curious (but dedicated) attitude, we’re able to assemble anything from a chair to a bunk bed with just a screwdriver, an allen wrench and some time.


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Which brings us to Arnstein M., who sent us an email to say that he had made chocobacon. Now, chocolate covered bacon is nothing new to BT – we’ve covered it many times before. But Arnstein’s pictoral recipe of his Nordic (or Swiss?) chocolate covered bacon is so beautiful in its simplicity, that we just had to share it with you.

Here’s a sample shot…


(photo credit)

And you can check out the whole picture story at Ninjas Killed My Family.

— Mr. B

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