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A bacon by any other name wouldn’t have an “i” in front of it. (Our apologies in advance to all of the BT readers out there without iPhones. We figure that by now you’re all sick of being made to feel inferior for still owning a cell with 2006-era technology that wasn’t made by The Fruit Company. And we acknowledge that this article won’t help. Hang tight – we’ll be back to regular bacon content tomorrow.)

If you have an iPhone, then start your drooling, because the iBacon app from G-Monkey productions is here, and it’s ready to sizzle. The concept is as simple as you might think it would be. You pay Apple $0.99. You press the iBacon icon (a pig on a red-and-white-checked picnic tablecloth). You start to sizzle sweet, sweet bacon.

The basic screen is simple – just four slices of raw meat candy sizzling away, sounds effects and all. The grill is pre-heated. You have several options. With the accelerometer, you can tilt your phone to the left to pour off the grease. Tongs can be pinched together to filp the bacon. By letting the video loop on its own, you’ll also get several “emergencies” that you need to deal with. Grease splatters are cleared with a swipe of your finger.  A smoke alarm can be cleared (and silenced) with a quick shake of the phone.  If you click the pig icon in the upper left, you have several other options. You can initiate grease splatters and smoke alarms if you care to up the danger quotient. You also have the ability to hide the tongs, bring back the raw bacon, jump to cooked bacon or flip all four slices at once. You can also hit “eat bacon”, which allows you to tilt the phone towards your mouth and pretend to eat it bite after giant bite.

This app is a lot of fun. We had a good time playing with it at the BT home office, though it does feel a bit limited at times. Once you’ve made it through the initial 2 minutes of play time it sort of runs out of steam. You can cook the bacon, eat the bacon, pour the grease, clear a smoke alarm and then… you’re sort of out of stuff to do. The game could use a few additional video loops. Maybe G-Monkey could fry up another pan of bacon and add it to the game for some variety? Also, we didn’t see much value in the single outbound affiliate link to BaconFreak.com. (Full disclosure: BT often publishes our own ad for BaconFreak.com, and we don’t begrudge anyone an opportunity to participate in affiliate dollar income – we understand that we all need to make a living here. Trust us, we understand!) However, we feel there could have been more creativity with the links here.

At one point in time, BT was investigating creating our own iPhone bacon app. (True story.) We were going to have pictures of bacon that could sizzle and flip and such. (Frankly, G-Monkey has done it better than we would have – great job, guys!) BUT… we were also going to tie it in to the real interweb world of bacon. Of course, we would have had a self-serving rss feed to the BT site, but we were also going to do some sort of self-populating feed of bacon news and other bacon blogs. This would be a great feature to see added here.

The iBacon app isn’t without a few bugs. It crashed my phone a few times when I self-initiated a smoke alarm. Didn’t have to do a hard reset, but I did have to sit through about 20 seconds of the full-volume smoke alarm before my phone was able to quit the app and return to my home screen. It also could use with a few more intuitive accelerometer controls. Right now, the only motion you can do without hitting the pig in the corner is to tilt left to pour the grease. I’d like to be able to flip the bacon by “flipping” the phone.

Even though the playability factor is limited, at $0.99, it’s hard to turn away from this app. You’ll have some fun, and it will always be useful for showing your friends and having a good laugh. It could use a few mods from its current form, but even so, we give this app 3.5 stars for now. Hopefully an updated version will cure what ails this otherwise delicious app(etizer).

Go to the app store, search for ibacon, touch it, load it, eat it. After all, it’s bacon.

— Mr. B

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  • Lars Vargas says:

    I don’t have an iPhone yet, but was wondering what the Smaste™ rating of an iPhone could be? I can’t imagine they taste all that good, but I’d have to find out if I saw bacon on my screen.

  • Corey says:

    I just licked my iPhone. Smaste™ rating is 13.282, but then again I covered it in bacon & cheddar cheese spread first 🙂

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