I Want To Be Bacon Children’s Book

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I Want To Be Bacon Children’s Book

Story time just got a big blast of bacon fun. For the young bacon fan, finally there’s a children’s picture book about bacon! “I Want To Be Bacon When I Grow Up” is a fun and educational book that teaches children where our food comes from, and that the animals who provide it deserve respect. The story centers on Melvin, a cute little pig who wants to become bacon when he grows up. Some might think that’s strange, but not Melvin. He understands what that means and he’s eager to tell you why. Full of humor and vibrant illustrations, this book is sure to give young and old readers a laugh. This story is great for introducing where food comes from and it’s also a fun reading experience. In the end, bacon makes everything better. This hardcover book has full-color illustrations and fun activities in the back for when story time is over.


Author Ken Skinner has been everything from a Creative Arts Director to a Producer of a reality show, but his most challenging and rewarding job he has ever had is being a dad. And while there has been many surprises to being a father, the abundance of lame children’s books was one of the most shocking. Sure, there are plenty of good books like ‘The Lorax’ or ‘Memoirs of a Goldfish’ but they seem to be the exception. His take on writing a children’s book is to do what Disney is so good at doing. Tell a joke that both parents and children can laugh at but for different reasons while moving towards the moral of the story. So he now embarks on the journey of creating super cool books that babies, children and adults will enjoy.

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