Hunting Bacon in Elk River, MN – Volume 2

May 12, 2009 12:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts


You may remember our last bacon hunt in Elk River, MN. This time we went to new locations but the mission was the same — find the best bacon in town.

We started the day at Elk River Meats. Our hunt took place on Sunday, and unfortunately Elk River Meats was closed. A couple of interesting items though…


1. The hours of operation did not list Sunday. I guess the town just assumes nothing is open downtown on Sundays.


2. A “rabbits for sale” sign was in the window of the meat shop. That was slightly disturbing.

After our bacon fail at Elk River Meats, we went to Sonic Drive-in for our grilled cheese with 30 slices of bacon. That was a complete success.


Our last stop of the day was Cub Foods, a regional supermarket. We wanted to check out their meat counter and see what kind of bacon selection they had to offer.

About 20 different brands of bacon were represented at Cub Foods. From maple to hickory smoked from “Neuske’s” to “No Name” brands, Cub Foods really came through with a quality selection of bacon.

Elk River is definately a bacon-loving town. We’re happy that next time we visit we’ll know exactly where to go.


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