How to Make Crispy Microwave Bacon

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How to Make Crispy Microwave Bacon
Making extra crispy microwave bacon requires getting the bacon up away from the grease. There is a unique child invention called Makin’ Bacon that does this trick nicely. It looks like a tiny clothes line you find in grandma’s back yard. Alternatively you can use a microwave safe bowl and dish to get the job done.


  1. Choose your favorite bacon. After experimenting with many types of bacon from nitrate free stuff found at the health food store, to smoked beef bacon, to real thick & fatty gourmet stuff, Oscar Myer’s 30% less fat Center Cut bacon seems to work best in a microwave. It seems to have more pink meat than most, so this should be a factor when you make your choice of what is available at your market.
  2. Drape you bacon on your rack. For the Makin’ Bacon 9 slices cooks most evenly. When using a dish and bowl, carefully drape bacon around the bowl, like flower petals, keep touching and overlapping to a minimum or it will stick together.
  3. Cover your bacon with a paper towel to prevent spattering, if you wish. Spattering is not as bad as other methods because the hot fat drips down off the cooking meat.
  4. Put your bacon in the microwave and set it to cook. A rule of thumb is one minute for each piece of bacon you cook, 5 minutes for 5 pieces. Fattier bacon takes longer. Center cut bacon takes about 7 minutes for 9 pieces.
  5. Toward the end of cooking you will hear the sizzle slow, just as in popping popcorn in the microwave. When the popping slows down noticibly, it’s time to take it out.
  6. Carefully remove your bacon and place it on a dish to serve.


  • If you overload your rack bacon will stick together or not cook evenly, opt to make two batches instead of overloading one.
  • Bacon should be crisp like a chip with no soft spots or burns. Some bacon like thick or extra fatty has the tendancy to not cook evenly, with soft spots and burns at the same time.
  • Opening the microwave too many times will affect the overall crispness. Cooking needs to be continuous and at a high temperature. Use your ears instead. Lots of sizzling means the bacon is still cooking.
  • Instead of clogging your drain, save your bacon grease in an old coffee can. You can use it to season an iron skillet
  • or use it to make Suet for Birds


  • Hot grease can burn you or clog your drain.
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