How to Make Bacon

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Since we’re all about the bacon here at Bacon Today, we thought it was about time that we showed you how to make your own meat candy. We found one of the best bacon making guides around over at the 3 Men With Nothing Better To Do web site and will summarize the process here.

The first step is to cure (preserve in salt) the meat. There are two forms of curing, Dry and Wet. Dry curing gives you more of a beef jerky-like result, so it is recommended you stick with wet curing (immersing the meat in liquid brine for a few days).

Once you’ve decided on your curing process you have to get your meat. What you need for bacon is the belly meat from the back (near the loin) of the belly. This pork belly will produce ample bacon for you.

Next you prepare your brine and wet cure the meat. There are quite a few steps and details in the brine/curing process. Be sure to see the original article for complete details.

Finally, you must smoke the bacon to further cure and help bring more flavor to the meat.

All in all it’s a pretty straight forward process. Please let us know if you prepare your own bacon. We’d love to share your story with other bacon lovers out there!

–Mr. B.

See the complete method for making bacon

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