How to Make a Bacon Pillow

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Bacon, bacon, bacon! It’s delicious no matter what form it’s in. Crunchy, chewy, a little blackened… different people have different opinions on how their bacon should be cooked. Add it to some cheesy Macaroni and Cheese. Add it to your burger… Or add it to chocolate! Bacon is so versatile, it’s adorable.

But there is one universal form of bacon that everyone can agree on. A soft, squishy pillow in the shape of the delicious meat candy! There are a few varieties of bacon pillows and you can buy one here. But if you really don’t feel like buying a bacon pillow, you can make your own!

There are a few ways to make a bacon pillow. And the craftier ones of us out there could probably make a pillow that looks like they bought it in a department store made by some top designer. However, not all of us who love bacon and really want a bacon pillow can achieve creative-crafty perfection. So we bring you an easier (think rudimentary) way to make your own bacon pillow. It will be your couch’s new buddy.

Things you will need:
Red & White Fabric
Good Scissors
Matching thread
Sewing machine
Fabric Glue

1. Find a red fabric and a white fabric. (Thicker fabrics work best.)
2. Cut the red fabric in a rectangle- adding a one and a half-inch seam allowance on all sides.
3. With right sides together, pin three sides of the pillow together.
4. Stitch these three sides of the pillow, leaving a half-inch seam allowance.
5. Turn the pillow right side out and iron it flat.
6. Prepare the opening. Tuck a half-inch of fabric inside the pillow and iron it flat.
7. Stuff the pillow. Store-bought cotton filler works best, but anything from down feathers to scrap fabric can be used. Improvise.
8. Stitch the opening together with tiny whip stitches.
9. Now, with your white fabric, cut some wavy strips. These strips will act as your “bacon fat” and you will be gluing them onto your pillow so you can cut as many as you want. We also suggest holding them up to your pillow to see how they would look and where you would want to place them.
10. Now that you have cut your strips and have them planned out, you’re ready to apply them. With fabric glue, glue your pieces onto your pillow, smoothing them flat. Try not to use too much glue to ensure your strips don’t feel hard or rough which can be caused by too much hardened glue.
11. Let your pillow dry. Depending upon what it says on the glue- this could take up to 24 hours.
12. Once your pillow is done drying, you can now sleep easy on BACON!

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