Hormel’s Latest Pre-Cooked Bacon Offering Is Actually Quite Impressive!

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I have to give some serious kudos to Hormel for seeking to get even better at something that most people out there already think they are pretty darned good at. That “thing” would be coming up with ac “pre-cooked” bacon product that satisfy the “Bacon Jones” of even the most serious and dedicated “Bacon Freak.”

Being Bacon Today, we were of course contacted ASAP and asked to give this baby a serious “test drive” out on our state of the art, expert track and laboratory testing facilities … in other words, our very own family kitchen and dining room table!

Here was the objectives that they set out to achieve with “Gold Medal” results. First of all, they set out to present a “pre-cooked” bacon to the public that was reasonably priced, 20% more meaty, with an all natural wood smoked flavor, that is over-all heartier, tastier and more “bacony” than any other “pre-cooked bacon product.

Mission accomplished Hormel!

But what would the premier gourmet bacon connoisseurs and expert pork aficionados of the foodie world have to say about Hormel’s “even better” fully pre-cooked bacon? In other words, would the improvements be enough to satisfy the sophisticated standards of the reputable and renowned “Rasher Royalty?”

There was only one way to know for sure. It was a dangerous proposition and not one for the weak willed fearfully faint at heart, but that’s why we “Bacon Battling Baconistas” are who we are and do what we do! Perhaps a certain “suey-side” mission … but I was going in to “The Family Zone!”

0800 Hours: I just barely heat the bacon up in the oven, which is where, now days, I cook all of my regular, gourmet bacon, as it is so much easier to clean up afterwards and I can avoid all messy spattering and burn injuries that might potentially knock me out of commission.

0815: I served the bacon up with some scrambled eggs and toast. Absolutely everybody loves it and nobody guesses that the bacon was pre-cooked, possibly hundreds of miles away and delivered safely and securely for our dining pleasure. So far, so good!

0817: Aunt Gladys shuffles into the kitchen and tells me she thinks the bacon was a little bit thinner and not quite as wide and thick as our usual gourmet, premium cut. I quickly distract her with some chocolate pudding manage to avert a catastrophe. Now one seems to notice that Aunt Gladys is down on a stool in the kitchen and the threat of exposure has been neutralized.

0822: I smilingly announce to the entire family that they have been tricked in order to verify just how good this Hormel “pre-cooked” bacon actually is, it was substituted into meal of an entire family of dedicated “baco-holics,” with only Aunt Gladys coming close to blowing the entire caper wide open, before she was effectively distracted by chocolate pudding.

1100 Hours: After nearly15 full hours locked in the garage, I am finally offered safe passage back into the house, with a verbal agreement that will in fact, NEVER deceive the family again when it comes to something as sacred as bacon.

Next week – my menu item of choice will be Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches, all served slightly chilled and made once again exclusively with Hormel’s new “fully cooked” bacon in a box.

Perhaps I will live to tell you the story of what happens … and if not, it truly was a great, bacon filled ride and I wouldn’t change a thing.


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  • John Gray says:

    Im sure this is an old posting but Im trying to find out what has gone wrong with Hormels Pre-cooked bacon. The last three packages have tasted like bacon from a very old hog. Everyone that has tried it hates it. Does anyone have a clue?

    • J Allen says:

      I know what is wrong, it is Hormel®,

      The Frederic Remington® Presidential fully cooked bacon is the meatiest thickest center cut bacon in the industry period. Grocery priced the same for 2 pounds as Hormel®. It takes 11 pounds of raw uncooked to produce two pounds of FR® Presidential. FredericRemingtonBacon.com

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