Have Yourself A Refreshing “Bacon On The Rocks” Over At BaconScotch.com

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The name says it all, which is precisely what a name is designed to do, so mission accomplished BaconScotch.com, who is just about to officially launch their upcoming website that primarily focuses the vast majority of its creative attention on two specific topics, which I’m pretty sure you might be able to guess what they are.

That’s right “Bacon,” the world’s only perfect food and “Scotch,” which is that delightful distilled drinkable delicacy from the whiskey family, that was originally concocted in a part of Great Britain; that, once again, I’m feeling pretty confident that you could guess if you tried.

So you’ll soon see the “Grand Opening” launch of the website coming to a computer near you, but for now … you can “still” (moonshine pun intended) chime in and take part in all of the good wholesome bacony scotch fun by clicking on over to their increasingly popular blog where you can learn about Chocolate Bacon Bars (The candy … not the booze pouring establishment), Singleton Scotch and Rick Bayless’s (one of our very favorite connoisseur chefs) “Holy Guacamole With Bacon Recipe” along with a wide variety of other items of interest focusing in on … well … you get it!

Here’s what Mr. Andrew Woehr, of BaconScotch.com enthusiastically shared with me today! BaconScotch.com is “A perfect combination! Although we haven’t created a scotch-infused bacon flavor, we’ve built the site.  We created “Bacon Scotch” to give both bacon and scotch the spotlight of fame that they deserve.” Andy continued by adding that “BaconScotch.com has assembled a staff of world class bacon loving bloggers who provide general information, recipes, new products announcements, and attends events.”

Andy also asked me to pass on to you all that “Bacon Scotch is always looking for the best and brightest products in both the cured porcine and the distilled spirits fields. Do you produce or sell a product you think we would be interested in? Please contact us here and we will be happy to discuss evaluating your products!”

Well said Andy … Please pour another pint of pork and let’s get this “starty parted!”


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