Halloween Housewarming Ghoulish Goodie Gifts Baskets


K … so you get invited to a Halloween Party and you want to leave a lasting, positive impression on your Haunted Host. Or you are planning to take your “special someone” out for a fun night of frightful frolicking, Bacon Freak has you covered with a full range of Gremlin Goodies to enjoy Goblin up!

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After all, would you rather than start the evening off with the typically predictable and boring sad and sorry set of flowers and candy or almost as bad, look like a last minute leaping leper by buying a bottom dwelling bottle of bargain bin supermarket wine?

Decidedly NO! Not when you can make a memory making moment with your devilish date and / or partially perished party hosts with the following these three screeching and scrumptious Halloween Gift Baskets from the Painted Pig People over at Bacon Freak!

With their “Goblin Up The Goodies” Bacon Gift Basket Bacon Gift Basket, you get five Macon Bacon Lollipops, a package their famous Bacon Freak Piglets (Tasty bits of our Boss Hog dry cured bacon that have been hand cooked with brown sugar and chopped pecans) plus an 8 ounce package of their Maple Bacon Coffee, with that seductively sweet smell and taste of Maple Bacon, along with a package of their Maple Bacon Jerky and one jar of Boss Hog’s Bacon Seasoning to sprinkle on your popcorn or favorite food to give it the taste of bacon.

Even more impressive is their Bacon Freakishly fabulous, “Goblin Up The Goodies” Bacon Gift Basket Bacon Gift Basket, which includes their famous, flagship, “Vampire Chardonnay” wine which would have Count Dracula himself using those fangs of his to pry the bottle of blood red brood open for his decadent delight, as well as a pound of flesh, that flesh being “Mummy’s favorite award winning, gourmet “Boss Hog Maple Bacon,” that you can always count on Count to take a bite out of.

This gift basket also includes a specially prepared gourmet chef created recipe, designed specifically for your main course meal featuring this “terror-ific” gruesome twosome of swine and wine.

Then … at the very pointy, pin piercing pinnacle of palatable pork profundity, there is the Halloween Bacon Gobler Bacon Gift Basket, which includes several bacony good sweet dreams sweet treats.

To start with, you get Boss Hog’s Maple Bacon, tasting just like hickory smoked bacon drenched in pancake syrup, as well as a bag of Boss Hog’s Bacon Flavored Southern style cheese straws, a bag of their whole bean Maple Bacon Flavored Coffee, 5 of their maple Bacon Lollipops, a package their famous Bacon Freak Piglets, which are tasty bits Boss Hog’s dry cured bacon, hand cooked with brown sugar and chopped pecans, and as if that isn’t enough, a package of Boss Hog’s fully cooked bacon bits, which we recommend that you add to your Peter Pork-Pumpkin-head Popcorn Happy Halloween H’orderves.

Enjoy the holiday and remember; it’s better to be “safe-n-sane” than to be locked up inside of a “safe, insane!” Bwaa-haaa-haaa-haaa-haaa!!!!

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