Guacamole Bacon Six Dollar Burger

We’re coming at you today with yet another review of a Carl’s Jr. food product. I swear that they’re not an official BT sponsor, (although we wouldn’t turn them away if they offered – wink, wink) but they did send us a few coupons to try out the Guacamole Bacon Six Dollar Burger, so here we are with a review.

I’ve had a love-hate thing with the Six Dollar Burgers in the past. Sure, they’re tasty, but they’re almost too big for my liking and while it may seem like a strange thing to say, these burgers have a very high meat-to-everything-else ratio. This is great if you love the meat part of a burger, but not so good if you like the overall meat-and-accessories combination. The GBSDB, however, seems to have balanced all of these elements well, and my overall experience was quite pleasant. 

I took my special VIP coupon down to my local Carl’s Jr. and walked up to the counter. Alex, my cashier, was extremely courteous, which certainly added to my enjoyment of this burger. When he delivered it, it came in a box. That’s the first great thing about this burger, in my opinion. I miss the McDonald’s styrofoam containers of the fuck-the-environment-and-just-give-me-my-damn-burger ’80s. These boxed burgers are about the closest thing you can find to a burger carrying case in the I-love-Mother-Earth ’00s, and I salute Carl’s Jr. for keeping them alive. 

My first bite was nice – good meat ratio, nice texture, juicy and lots of flavor. But what’s this? Something spicy? Unless I’m mistaken  – YES!!! – pepper jack cheese. (Or something like that.) Carl’s Jr. saw fit to add spicy cheese to my Guacamole Bacon Six Dollar Burger. And it made the whole thing sing. There was, of course, bacon and plenty of guacamole to cool it back down.

My only complaint was that the bun couldn’t quite hold up to the challenge presented by the rest of the burger. It was a bit thin and flimsy and by the halfway point I ended up with no bottom bun and I had to eat the rest of the burger upside down. 

Corey James, the other half of the BT team also tried one of these burgers a few days earlier. He’s not a huge guacamole fan, so he didn’t really care for the burger. Even so, he gave respect to the inclusion of bacon in this beast of a meal.

Overall, this is a fine burger worthy of a taste test, and we can recommend it to those of you who love burgers, guacamole and bacon. Carl’s Jr. has earned a solid 37.473 Smaste™ rating for their Guacamole Bacon Six Dollar Burger. 

— Mike

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  1. Wow, two 6-dollar guacamole bacon cheeseburger virgins? I’ve been eating these things about once a month since day one. Very tasty. The bacon is paper thin, but adds to the overall experience. Thumbs up in my book.


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