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With a menu consisting of humorous names such as “The Afterschool Special” (a delectable grilled cheese sandwich), the “Hunka Hunka Burning Loaf” (a meatloaf dinner), and the “Big Ass Ice Cream Sandwich” (a large dessert to be shared); this 1920s duplex-turned restaurant boasts more than their playful attitude toward the dining experience. Located on a seemingly remote corner in the heart of the Postproduction area in Hollywood, California; this kitschy restaurant has caught the eye of comfort foodies and bacon lovers alike.

Upon entering you’re greeted with a purple, Morning Glory laden trellis surrounding the perimeter of the patio. Twinkle lights are strung up to create a warm glow during the warmer nights. Sip on one of their signature champagne and fruit cocktails or enjoy their homemade Ginger Ale which is made with fresh ginger, lime, and is rimmed with raw sugar. Details such as art from local artists embody an intimate, cozy, and familiar feeling.

Betty Fraser and Denise DeCarlo are the co-owners of Grub and are known for their delicious “California Comfort Food”. With their own recipe of “crack bacon”, they have created many dishes featuring this bacon, and other dishes have the option of adding their special bacon to them. (But why would there be a choice? Of course you’d want to add it!) Their bacon is a delicious recipe boasting a sweet, savory, and slightly peppered pairing of flavors. The name is definitely fitting as well. This bacon will definitely have you addicted! While they are quiet about their delicious recipe, (and rightfully so!), their dishes sure do a lot of talking.

We tried the “Hot Flash Jalapeño-Bacon Mac”, the “‘Crack’ Bacon Burger”, and the Dessert Contest Winning “Chocolate-Bacon Dessert Sammie”. All of these dishes made our taste buds fall in love with the scrumptious comfort of these plates. It was as if our taste buds had found their perfect home. The unique “crack” bacon was a perfect companion to the cheese, the chocolate, the bread… Every bite we took was even more delicious than the last.

But not only was the food delicious, the staff was friendly and attentive. They all had a relaxed air about them, lending even more of a comforting feel to the restaurant’s environment. The overall theme of Grub is definitely comfort and good-fun with their country-farmhouse dining room and witty signs adorning the walls.

Being that this restaurant is cradled in the heart of a stereotypically pretentious city, it was refreshing to feel relaxed and that you really shouldn’t take life too seriously. As soon as you walk into Grub, time seems to slow down and you begin to understand that it’s the little things that matter. The little things like delicious bacon and a warm smile.

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