Grilled Cheese and 30 Slices of Bacon at Sonic (with video)


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The place…Elk River, MN. We’ve been hunting for bacon there before, but hadn’t noticed an obvious choice for our bacon excursion — Sonic Drive-In. Way back in August 2008 a Bacon Toaster Sandwich was ordered from Sonic in our honor and we’ve always meant to find a Sonic to taste the food ourselves. We happened to drive by one today so we decided to go all out.

sonic-line sonic-menu

The line at Sonic was incredibly long and we were concerned that we wouldn’t find a place to park. We didn’t see the Bacon Toaster sandwich on the menu, though the Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster did look tasty. We noticed that a side of bacon was available for just 60 cents and we had about $20. We figured a grilled cheese sandwich with as much bacon as possible would give us our best bacon-to-dollar ratio. We didn’t want to do the math so we just ask for 20 orders of bacon with our meal.


Our meal arrived with only 10 orders of bacon which ended up being quite fortunate. Turns out you get 3 slices of bacon with every side order of bacon so we ended up with a grilled cheese sandwich and 30 slices of bacon which was nearly impossible to eat. That didn’t stop us of course!


We gave the Sonic Grilled Cheese and 30 Slices of Bacon a Smaste™ rating of 41.2. The bacon was excellent, greasy, and cooked to perfection. A pleasent surprise for an impromptu first stop at Sonic Drive-In.

Watch the video of me ordering, assembling, and eating a Sonic Grilled Cheese with 30 Slices of Bacon.


4 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese and 30 Slices of Bacon at Sonic (with video)”

  1. 3 SLICES of Bacon my #@$, more like 3 HALF pieces, so 15 FULL size pieces for 10 orders. NO way you’re getting 3 FULL slices of bacon for $.60 extra, SERIOUSLY, what is WRONG with you besides the obvious?

  2. Well this is interesting. I do not believe sonic bacon is even real bacon. I think it is sawdust made to look like bacon. My dog won’t even eat. Terrible and wrong texture


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