Grilled Bacon? Fire up the grill!


At Bacon Today, we’ve always considered the grill a no-zone for our bacon. Our beloved meat candy is at its best when it’s fatty, smoky and cooked slowly to render all the great flavor we love. And in our experience, the intense heat on a high-quality grill has been just too much for most bacon.

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Stop the press! There’s something new on the market that gives us pause. Well, we’ll pause just long enough just to light the grill and try something new that we’ve never done before, GRILL BACON!


We’re talking about the two new products from Burgers’ Smokehouse which are rightly named, Bacon Steak Cuts. The original and peppered Bacon Steaks Cuts are dry-cured without added water like ALL of the national pumped / spongy brands. These things are a whopping quarter-inch thick (a mammoth slab of bacon in our world), which equates to eight slices per pound of pure bacon bliss!


Sound familiar? We didn’t think so. These Bacon Steak Cuts are the only nationally marketed bacon suited for grilling in a retail package in the United States. Another important point to make, Most national brands have approximately a 120-day shelf life. According to Burgers’ Smokehouse, the Bacon Steaks have a 365-day shelf life because of the dry curing process.


Burgers’ Bacon Steak Cuts are now available in selected markets nationwide in approximately 2000 stores. You can find the Peppered Bacon, and the Original Bacon at or at the following retail stores:

  • Publix in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina

  • Harris Teeter in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia

  • King Soopers/City Markets (Kroger) in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico

  • Smith’s Food and Drug (Kroger) in Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Wyoming

  • Bashas Foods in Arizona and Nevada

  • Fry’s Food Stores (Kroger) in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico

  • The Defense Commissary Agency (DECA) top 130 stores in the continental U.S., Hawaii and in Japan and Korea

  • Ingles Markets in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia

  • BILO in South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia

  • Southern Family Markets in Alabama


These new and incredible Bacon Steak Cuts are proving to be the holy grail of our endless quest for sweet, sweet bacon. Bacon Today plans to do some extensive research and report back to you with detailed results. But be patient. We have lots of grilling to do!

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