Great Bacon and the Paleo Diet

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When it comes to losing weight and getting healthier, there are thousands of diets to choose from. There’s South Beach, Atkins, Weight Watchers, and even a diet based on your glycemic index. The one that might be gaining the most steam right now, however, is the Paleo Diet. You may know it as the “Caveman Diet” or the “Stone Age Diet,” but no matter what you call it, it’s helping people lose weight. And, bacon is a big component of the Paleo Diet, which is a definite plus for bacon fans. Here’s a brief description of what the Paleo Diet is, and why it might be right for you.

Bacon and the Paleo diet example here using Boss Hog Hickory Smoked Slab bacon.

“Slice Your Own”

The Paleo Diet

In a nutshell, if the cavemen weren’t eating it, it’s not part of the diet. The Paleo Diet includes meat, vegetables, fruits, seafood, poultry, seeds, and nuts. What it does not include are traditional pasta, rice, grains, processed foods, and anything else that’s not purely natural. Technically, dairy can be part of the diet, but many practitioners choose not to consume it. But if your hankering for pancakes doesn’t leave, try this Paleo Pancake recipe.

Reasons to Consider It

1. More Fresh Cooking
Since the diet bans processed foods, get ready to do a lot more fresh cooking. If you’re not a fan of cooking, however, and you need some convincing, try checking the ingredient list on any prepared food item in your fridge or pantry. There’s probably a glut of chemicals, additives, and other things you likely can’t even pronounce. With the Paleo Diet, none of that enters your system. Since you control the ingredients in the food you consume, you’ve got a lot more command over your diet.

2. Lose Weight

When you’re perusing those ingredient lists, look for fructose, corn syrup, cane juice, or dextrose. Those are all basically synonyms for sugar and you can find it in one form or another in just about everything. For that reason alone, the Paleo Diet can help you lose weight.

3. More Energetic
A well-balanced Paleo Diet also gives you more energy, since you’re eating a combination of natural sources of both protein and carbohydrates. If you’ve been dragging yourself through your workday of late, the Paleo Diet might be just what you need to get out of the doldrums.

4. Great for Food Allergies

If there’s a food allergy in your household, the Paleo Diet can come to the rescue. My son is allergic to soy, and for me the culprit is gluten. That’s one of the main reasons we follow the Paleo Diet. No more checking ingredient labels or worrying about the facilities where foods were processed. With Paleo, it’s all safe for us to consume. Be sure to consult with your doctor or allergist before starting the diet if you’ve got any specific concerns.

Final Thoughts

Some health professionals actually do not recommend the Paleo Diet because they see it as too restrictive. One way to combat that and get as much variety as possible in your diet is to choose foods that can be eaten with a number of complementary dishes – and bacon certainly fits the bill there.

It goes perfectly next to some scrambled eggs for breakfast, or you could wrap it around some sea scallops and grill them up for a tasty Paleo dinner. Research the Internet for Paleo-friendly bread recipes so you can get your BLT fix in at lunchtime. The Paleo Diet offers a great number of potential benefits – just make sure you keep bacon on the radar in the process.

Would you consider the Paleo Diet?

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